LAMS Collaborative Academy

LAMS Collaborative Academy is a non-traditional high school offering a unique and personalized educational experience.  LAMS CA offers ninth and tenth grade for the 2019-2020 school year.  Eleventh and twelfth grades will be added in consecutive years with first graduating class receiving their accredited high school diploma in 2022.  

Our mission at LAMS Collaborative Academy is to provide a Christ-centered, 21st Century education to prepare our students for a lifetime of purposeful Christian living. LAMS CA 21st Century learning consists of building skills and knowledge in the areas of communication, collaboration, critical-thinking, problem-solving, creativity, inquiry and more to fully prepare students for both college and career.

Students attending LAMS CA engage in a Biblically integrated setting, where each day consists of an individualized and balanced combination of personalized learning sessions, independent online study, group learning labs, team projects, community learning experiences, academic Bible study, and electives.

Check out the links below for more information about our exciting program!

                       LAMS CA Program Overview

                       ​9th Grade Schedule Overview

                       10th Grade Schedule Overview

                       Online Course List

                       In-Person Course List

                       LAMS CA Handbook

                       LAMS CA Newsletter Article 11/9/18 

                       LAMS CA "IN THE NEWS"

                       LAMS CA Presents "The Centurion" VIDEO LINK

                       LAMS CA Calendar

Contact Lynelle Kreider, LAMS CA Director at for more information or to find out how you can join us.


LAMS Collaborative Academy Enrollment

If you have made your decision to join LAMS, you may request a packet of information from OR download, print, and sign the following forms for enrollment. The Collaborative Academy is a nontraditional high school setting so we encourage all families to visit the school prior to enrollment.  Families interested in enrollment must complete both a Student Application and a Parent/Guardian Information form.