Class Projects


11x14 canvas print with children's hands and a Bible Verse. One per class will be sold separately.


Indoor/Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game. One for each class, will be sold separately.

First Grade

1 Picnic Table/ Sandbox Combo. This is a combined project for both classes.

Second Grade

Galvanized Beverage container with stand and each child's favorite drink. One for each class will be sold separately.

Third Grade

Custom bookcase with each child's favorite book. One will be sold for each class will be sold separately.

Fourth Grade

Galvanized planters. One for each class will be sold separetely.

Fifth Grade

Serving tray and coasters.

Sixth Grade

Coffee Bar sign with mugs.

Seventh Grade

Herbs planted in a planter made of pallets.

Eighth Grade

Life sized Jenga with student’s favorite Bible verses written on the blocks. Comes with a wheeled cart for easy storage and movement.

Wood Shop Elective

A furniture quality hall mirror that was made in the LAMS wood-shop by students with the help of Mr. Turley. For a complete list of student names will be hanging with the mirror. It is made out of white ash and has a walnut stain. It has sliding coat hooks and a custom beveled mirror. A beautiful keepsake that would look great in any home.