40th Year Cookbook

Calling all food lovers! It is now time to submit your favorite recipes for the cookbook in celebration of 40 years of LAMS. Recipes can be submitted through Wednesday, October 11.  We would love to get recipes from LAMS patrons/teachers/students past and present!    Go to the cookbook website:  A login and password is necessary.  You can contact the school office or any current patron for the login information. Notes:Please feel free to submit recipes in more than one category. Before you submit your recipe, please check the other recipe submissions in your proposed category to make sure there are no duplicate recipes. Differing versions of the same recipe are fine, but we would like to avoid having duplicates of the exact same recipe. Please choose both a category AND a subcategory for your recipe. PLEASE EDIT YOUR RECIPE UPON COMPLETION. The cookbook company does not edit recipes, so it is imperative that you edit your recipe for errors.