Clothing Drive

Last year we began using a clothing drive through a company called Schoola to help raise money for our scholarship fund.  To date we have collected over $5,000.  Let's keep building that fund.  It's easy to become a partner!  Simply bag your quality used children's clothes and women's clothes, shoes, and handbags.  Then drop them off in the lobby of LAMS.  There you will fill out a sticker with your contact information so you can watch how much money you raise for LAMS.  Those of you who have already become a partner, simply fill a Schoola bag and mail it yourself or drop it off a LAMS.  LAMS can earn 40% of the sale of your items.  Check out their website ( ) to find out more information about how it works!  Questions about this program can be directed toward Jennifer Samara at

  • Bag quality used children's clothes, women's clothes, shoes, and handbags
  • Drop them off at LAMS anytime
  • Fill out a sticker here at school and place 1 on each bag
  • We will ship them all into Schoola to be sold on their website
  • You can continue to send in clothes by filling the bag they will send you directly to your house.