Students in grades 3-5 have an opportunity to experience an introduction to music and drama performance through the annual Christmas musical.  Each year the directors carefully choose a play that is not only fun, but clearly presents the Gospel through song and story.  Try-outs are held in September and the performance takes place at the beginning of December.

Middle School

The annual Middle School Spring Drama typically includes just under half of the middle school student body, either onstage in dramatic roles or behind the scenes providing technical support through lighting, sound or stage crew.

Beginning in December and culminating in three mid-May performances, the typical Lititz Area Mennonite School production involves students in many aspects of the theater.  From set painting to prop construction, choreography to costuming, the process of preparing for a show encourages students to work together towards a long-term goal.  For some, the experience may even lay the groundwork for a life-long love of storytelling on the stage!

Oliver Twist - May 10-12, 2017

Lititz Area Mennonite School is pleased to announce its production of the Charles Dickens classic, Oliver Twist, May 10 (12:30 p.m.) and May 11-12 (7:00 p.m.). The show includes upwards of 40 middle school cast and crew members and is produced by special arrangement with PIONEER DRAMA SERVICES, INC., Englewood, CO (stage adaptation by Joellen Bland). The story’s hero, Oliver Twist (played by 7th grader, Jon Hurst), runs away from a parish workhouse in the English countryside and flees to London, hoping for a better future. Upon his arrival, Oliver is befriended by a young pick-pocket called The Artful Dodger (8th grader, Zack Horst), who introduces Oliver to one of London’s key thieving rings, as well as its king-pin, Fagin (8th grader, Josiah Gingrich). Early in this friendship, Oliver is caught up and mistakenly arrested for a crime he did not commit; however, the victim of that crime, Mr. Brownlow (8th grader, Michael Wenger), has compassion on young Oliver and takes him under his wing. Meanwhile, the mysterious Miss Monks (played by 8th grader, Olivia Harrington) spots Oliver on the street and vows to orchestrate his downfall. What follows is a tense collaboration between Monks and Fagin’s gang as they both seek to pull Oliver back into life on the London street. Nancy (played by 8th grader, Lauren Martin) becomes a pivotal character as she struggles to divide her loyalties between Oliver, the child she has sworn to protect, and Bill Sikes, the ruffian she helplessly loves (played by 8th grader, Michael Zimmerman). The story ends with a combination of justice served and family reunited, as Oliver learns his true origins and inheritance, and Miss Monks is forced to relinquish every claim. The production runs approximately 90 minutes in length, and charges no admission fee. A free-will offering in support of the LAMS performing arts program will be raised during the intermission. Questions regarding the production should be directed to school’s office by calling 717-626-9551.