Why not LAMS? This was the question my husband and I found ourselves asking around April three years ago, our son was finishing out his year of Pre-K at LAMS but was enrolled at Warwick for the following year. My husband and I actually both graduated from LAMS many years ago and we both had a good experience there but when we looked at the cost to send our kids, we could not seem to move past that. After seeing how well our son thrived during his PK year, and how all his questions were met with faith based answers, how he was prayed over many times a day, where his drive for knowledge was upheld and pointed towards the things that matter, we had to ask ourselves... Why not LAMS? If it's the money that's holding us back, where would we be spending it that matters more then investing in our child? Sure we could probably buy a different car each year or clothing or countless other new things with the money that is paying for education, but that is a material earthly treasure that will fade. By putting the money into our kids and LAMS we are investing in their future we are investing in the kingdom of God. For those questioning if you can make the money work, at least consider and talk to LAMS, they have financial help and want to work with the people that are wanting to help their child grow in all areas! Why not LAMS?! -Galen and Ashlee Zimmerman 

We've been part of the LAMS community since our daughter was in kindergarten. She is currently attending LAMS in 11th grade. All 3 of our children currently attend LAMS. We were drawn to LAMS for many reasons. We chose LAMS because we believe the school has a strong Christian foundation. We've always been impressed with how they seek God's wisdom and handle everything with prayer. I've often commented to our children how blessed they are to have such wonderful, truly caring teachers that want to see them achieve their personal best. This had not always been our experience attending public school.

In thinking about exceptional teachers, Mrs. Kambic comes first to mind. She holds a special place in our hearts. If we all learned to love as she does, there wouldn't be many problems in our world. Then there is Mr. Wingert who will play sports with the children on breaks. The children really enjoy that. All the teachers go above and beyond their duties every day at LAMS, praying for your children and modeling Christ-like behavior.

I love that the children pray in school daily and are learning God's Living Word, which they will keep in their hearts forever.

LAMS is focused on creating a Christ-centered, loving environment for each child. All children are included if they want to be involved in sports or any other activities.

We would recommend LAMS to anyone who is seeking an exceptional Christian school for their child.
-Travis and Violet Weitzel

After our son's school closed we weren't sure where we would continue his education. We were looking for not only a quality education but one that would instill our Christian beliefs. LAMS was suggested to us and even though we were hesitant because of it being a further drive for us, we decided to give it a try. We now have all three of our children enrolled so needless to say, we were not disapointed. LAMS has truly become a family to us. Not only did our children make great friends, but Jeff and I have made some really great friendships too! The teachers are amazing and you can easily see how big their love for Jesus is and how much they want to share HIM with our children. We couldn't be happier with our LAMS experience!                  -Jeff and Carissa Martin