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Education at LAMS brings faith to the forefront by applying foundational Christian beliefs to its educational mission. LAMS encourages its elementary and middle school students to interpret experience through the truth of God’s Word.


LAMS believes parents hold primary responsibility for shaping the lives of children. But education—and what happens in school each day—has a powerful influence, too. It can either support parental efforts or undermine them. By reinforcing values taught at home, the school becomes a partner with parents in their mission. LAMS also invites the parents, its patrons, to help define and advance Lititz Area Mennonite School's educational objectives. Patron involvement enriches LAMS and strengthens the three-fold cord.


Understanding that Christianity has many expressions, LAMS seeks to uphold certain foundational beliefs. These Core Values guide the faculty, administration, and Board in carrying out LAMS’ educational mission.

Time Well Spent

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