Academic Support

In addition to an effective, wide-ranging curriculum for all its students, LAMS offers individualized instruction through a variety of programs.

Learning Support

Learning is a process that forms over time. Each child matures in the learning process at his/her own rate. Students with a diagnosed learning difference are supported through the Learning Support program at LAMS.  Learning Support is designed to enhance the natural development of each individual and to help each student reach his/her full potential through the partnership of parents, students, faculty and administration. The Learning Support teacher provides assistance to the student in test-preparation, test-taking and writing process skills for the purpose of helping the student complete classroom assignments. Ultimately the goal of Learning Support is to help each child experience success through strengthened skills in math, reading, spelling, handwriting, process writing, comprehension and language arts.

Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 Services

This is a math and language program designed to supplement learning at LAMS. The Intermediate Unit (IU) instructional program is provided through Pennsylvania's Act 89. The LAMS IU instructor:

  • Works as part of a team with parents, teachers, principals and others in the school community.
  • Instructs children individually and/or in groups as the schedule permits.
  • Encourages a positive attitude toward reading, mathematics and/or content areas.
  • Provides strategic instruction to assist children in functioning in a regular classroom setting by aligning support with classroom instruction.
  • Evaluates progress on an on-going basis.

Student Support Team (SST)

The Student Support Team (SST) is a concerted effort of teachers, parents and support staff who assess, analyze, and implement a plan for a student who needs support in the areas of academic, behavioral or social and emotional development. The SST meets at the request of a parent or teacher after gathering the necessary background information. Once the team is organized, a list of strategies is prepared and put into place to assist the student. After several weeks have passed, the team reviews the case to determine how well the chosen strategies are working. If necessary, new approaches may be developed. The team is composed of the following people: the Learning Support teacher, the IU 13 Academic Support Teacher, the Elementary School Coordinator or Middle School Coordinator, and the Administrator.