Elementary School

Our elementary teachers recognize the importance of the foundations of learning that occur in the elementary years.  Teaming with parents, we strive to nurture their minds and their hearts through excellent academics taught from a Biblical worldview.  Employing the whole child approach, students engage in a variety of learning styles in the classroom.  They also take part in art, music, physical education, and computer under the direction of expert teachers.  

Elementary Classes

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  • Pre-Kindergarten

    Welcome to the Pre-Kindergarten experience at LAMS! We are excited to offer you a high quality, Biblically based curriculum that will enhance your preschooler’s natural desire to learn and discover.

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    The Little LAMS Pre-k program is designed to promote your child’s knowledge and skills in all developmental areas—spiritual, cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and aesthetic—and to establish a foundation for lifelong learning.  Our program reflects the belief that children are active learners. They build meaning and understanding through full participation in their learning environments. Our child-centered program combines high expectations for each child with respect for individual development.

    Pre-k Fact Sheet

    Little LAMS Pre-Kindergarten Handbook

    This handbook gives you an overview of the goals, philosophy, and procedures in our Pre-Kindergarten program.  You will want to keep this booklet for reference throughout the school year.  If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to call or set up an appointment with the LAMS administrator or the classroom teacher.

  • Kindergarten

    As research supports, young children thrive with opportunities to explore, socialize, and learn through play. Our kindergarten program strives to combine those experiences with academic excellence to provide a strong foundation for each student to build upon.

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    Students come three days per week which includes an enrichment day every other week, with many science and social studies themed hands-on activities.  Creativity is abundant in kindergarten as students are offered a variety of materials for building, gluing, cutting, and constructing.  Kindergartners will learn basic reading and math skills in a learning environment with Christ as the focus. Learning continues as they head off to library, music, and physical education twice a week. 

    Kindergarten is a very unique part of elementary school.  Students enter at a variety of levels and therefore must be educated at different levels.  A lot of the academic work that is foundational to a student's learning occurs in kindergarten.  Our kindergarten teacher works hard to meet the needs of a variety of learners.  If you wish to see more detail concerning the curriculum click below.

  • First Grade

  • Second Grade

  • Third Grade

  • Fourth Grade

  • Fifth Grade