LAMS Collaborative Academy

LAMS Collaborative Academy is a high school program offering a unique and personalized educational experience.  We strive to create an environment in which a vibrant relationship with Christ is central to what we do and who we are. 

Our mission at LAMS Collaborative Academy is to help students discover their unique gifts and interest and to gain a Christ-centered, biblical world view so that they can lead lives of clear purpose and direction both now and in the future, whether that future includes post-secondary education, technical school, service, or a direct path into the workfoce.  Students attending LAMS CA engage in a Biblically integrated setting which focuses on the whole student.  Each day consists of an individualized and balanced combination of mentoring, independent online study, small group learning sessions, team projects, community learning experiences, academic Bible study, and arts electives.  Throughout the day, students are encouraged to learn how to work with others to think both critically and creatively as they tackle big ideas and problems.

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                       LAMS CA Fast Facts

                       LAMS CA 2022-2023 Course Offerings

                       LAMS CA 2022-2023 Handbook

Contact Lynelle Kreider, LAMS CA Director at for more information or to find out how you can join us.


LAMS Collaborative Academy Enrollment

If you have made your decision to join LAMS, you may request a packet of information from LAMS Admissions Counselor, Nicole Zimmerman at OR download, print, and sign the following forms for enrollment. The Collaborative Academy is a non-traditional high school setting so we encourage all families to visit the school prior to enrollment.  Families interested in enrollment must complete both a Student Application and a Parent/Guardian Information form.