Whole Child Approach

Educating a student to live and work in the 21st century and beyond is no longer just about reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Students need to learn to problem solve, think critically and creatively, and communicate their ideas to others.  This approach to learning encompasses Lititz Area Mennonite School's mission of educating to meet the needs of the whole child. 

Educating the whole child means we are not only stretching students' minds, but we are teaming with home and church to guide their spirits and grow their bodies in as many areas as we can.  First Thessalonians 4:23-24 as well as Hebrews 4:12 are both examples of how God has created us with mind, body, and spirit.  This can be seen in many ways throughout the school. 

  • Bible -  Devotions and Bible lessons feed their spirits daily at LAMS. 
  • Music - Students attend music class in kindergarten through eighth grade, learning to worship God with their voices and instruments. 
  • Art - Creative thinking happens in the classroom as well as during their art class. 
  • Physical education is also mandatory in kindergarten through eighth grade, where students learn healthy habits of the mind and body. 
  • Library - The love of reading and lifelong learning is reinforced in library.
  • Computer - Preparing students for purposeful Christian living in a digital world happens in the regular classroom as well as weekly computer class.
  • Social interactions and creative play are also still a part of our educational plan as elementary students go outside twice a day for recess.  

Teachers use a variety of teaching methods that allow students to grow in their areas of strength and stretch them to try new things.  These various activities help the students develop their strengths, grow in their weaknesses, and most importantly nurture mind, body, and spirit.