The governor has announced that all Pennsylvania schools are to close from March 16-April 6. 

Felt called to send our kids from the start...

Our daughter was going to a public elementary school before she entered LAMS. She was going to go into 2nd grade and our son was entering Kindergarten. We both thought that if we are going to make the switch to LAMS that this would be a good time to do that. Our son was in pre-K at LAMS and he was coming home singing songs about God, and we would do our family devotions at night and he would know everything about the story before we even started. It was so cool to see him light up and tell us about it. We decided that this was something that we valued so much. So we decided to take the leap of faith and send them to LAMS.

My wife, Kate, attended LAMS and had a great experience. Kate had felt like that was where we were called to send our kids from the start. I was a little more hesitant with the decision. However, seeing how much my son was growing with his knowledge of the Bible was so awesome to see. We knew that we both needed to feel that God was calling us here, so we spent a lot of time praying about it. God provided many signs that this was the right direction, so we stepped out in faith and listened to what He was telling us. LAMS is special because we know that our kids are getting the same type of spiritual lessons as they are at home. It is great knowing that they are being surrounded by Christian teachers, staff and peers. I love that they not only are getting a great education but more importantly they are being spiritually fed every day! Kate and I feel so blessed to be part of a wonderful family like LAMS. It truly is a school who cares and wants what is best for our kids. I want to see my kids’ knowledge and faith in Christ grow, and I know that at LAMS they are getting that and so much more. It's great to know that they are being surrounded by the same principles at home, school and church. We are so happy we took the step of faith and made the decision to send our kids to LAMS.

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