The governor has announced that all Pennsylvania schools are to close from March 16-April 6. 

We had no idea how we were going to pay for it.

My husband and I adopted four children through the foster care system.  We knew when our children came to us that we wanted to send them to a Christian school.  My husband and I both went to private schools and understood the amazing benefits of a Christian education.  We also had several friends whose children had attended LAMS.

The first day we met with Mr. Garner and walked the halls we knew it was the place we wanted to send our children.  To be honest, although my husband and I felt God leading us to LAMS, we had no idea how we were going to pay for it.  However, we decided to apply for the scholarship and let it up to the Lord.  That was three years ago and we have never looked back.  We were approved for the scholarship and God has provided funds for us for the past three years.  We are so thankful and blessed. 

My children, my husband and I have also been so blessed by the staff at LAMS.  Our children are getting an amazing education, but the most valuable thing we have experienced is the love and care from the staff at LAMS.   From the teachers, to the office staff and the principal, as well as the parents of other children at LAMS, our family is blessed by our experience at LAMS.

Gary and Jennifer Redcay, patron with 4 students