Whole Child - Computer

Computer - Preparing students for purposeful Christian living in a digital world happens in the regular classroom as well as weekly computer class.

Computer Education

Lititz Area Mennonite School strives to teach with excellence and prepare students for purposeful Christian living.  To do this well, students need to be prepared to use technology.  To help facilitate this, LAMS students attend Computer classes once or twice a week, beginning in first grade.  In first and second grade, students gain basic familiarity with using a computer and handling a mouse and keyboard.  Incorporating the whole child approach, games and activities are done that reinforce grade-level math and language arts concepts.​  

In order to prepare students for a digital world, in grades three through five the focus shifts to proper keyboarding technique.  Students use a variety of programs and online resources that stress correct fingering, helping them to become proficient touch typists.  Students also become acquainted with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, which are necessary for their academic career.

In middle school, the students get an in-depth look at Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  Digital photography and videography are also introduced, as students use various programs to manipulate pictures and video.  In true cross-curricular fashion these students ultimately help create the school's annual yearbook.