Whole Child - Music

Music - Students attend music class kindergarten through eighth grade, learning to worship God with their voices and instruments.

Music Education

Instruction in music is an important part of LAMS’ whole child approach to education.  Music is valued as a vehicle for praising God, as a means for personal expression, and as a way to build community within our school. 

Elementary Music

In elementary music the curriculum is built on the fundamentals of: singing, music theory, playing instruments, and moving to music.  Proper singing technique is introduced in the primary grades and by 4th and 5th grade students are reading music and singing in two-part harmony.  Several instrumental units are taught including recorders in 3rd grade, Orff in 4th grade, and ukulele in 5th grade. Music class intentionally incorporates kinesthetic activities such as singing games, square dancing, and song motions.

Middle School Music

Instruction in music continues into the middle school years and occurs once a week for all students.  In middle school music the curriculum exposes students to a variety of topics including: sight singing, music theory, music history, playing instruments, listening to music, and thinking about music.  Students experience instrumental units on bucket drumming, choir chimes, and guitar.