Whole Child - Physical Education

Physical education is also mandatory kindergarten through eighth grade, where students learn healthy habits of the mind and body. 

Physical Education

The Lititz Area Mennonite School’s physical education program utilizes various locomotor and non-locomotor movements to enable the students to develop and progress in their physical abilities.  Some of the activities incorporated include the basic fundamentals of throwing, catching, kicking, rolling, and striking.  Many activities provide the opportunity for student improvement in balance, body and space awareness, eye-hand coordination, and eye-foot coordination.  Fitness activities that promote heart health are also included in the program.  Certain grade levels participate in a physical fitness assessment program which tests students’ agility, endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength.  This allows the opportunity for students to personally assess their fitness level.  Activities that promote creativity, problem solving, strategy formulation, and teamwork are also included in the physical education program. 

As students progress through the years in physical education and reach middle school, they are provided with opportunities to further develop and refine skills that are involved in team sports.  They can demonstrate these skills through participation in a game type format structure.  Participation also provides an opportunity for students to display sportsmanship, develop leadership, interact socially, and maintain a level of fitness.  Extracurricular opportunities in various sports, including volleyball, soccer, and basketball are available to interested middle school students.  At this level, participation is provided for all team members through practices and games.